Imagine a world with ZERO waste

‘Wastebot’ recycles trash into FREE HEAT & FREE POWER  in as little as an hour

Our Mission: Clean the Planet & Fuel the Future

Calling All Engineers, Inventors, Makers, Misfits and Visionaries

The world produces 2.5 trillion kilos of trash every year. This is an extreme challenge to the environment but it’s also an incredible opportunity to power the next phase of human development using Wastebot’s waste to fuel technology.

We’ve made tremendous progress developing Wastebot, but there is still more work to be done. To help fund the next phase of research into liquid fuels and decentralized power grids, we have created this crowdfunding campaign. Help us reach our goal so we can continue this important work.

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How it Works

Wastebot is a recycling technology that rewards you for cleaning the planet. The incentive? The more waste you recycle, the more free heat, free hot water and free power you can make.

Turn a wide range of common household rubbish into clean fuel at home using carbon chemistry. The carbon found in yard waste is used as a self heating catalyst to break the molecular bonds in household wastes like: plastic, styrofoam, paper and organics; ‘reducing’ them back into their hydrogen and carbon building blocks. The same building blocks found in petroleum fuels.

Wastebot creates a clean, non-toxic, hydrogen rich fuel gas used to make heat and power.

System Configurations

Configuration 1: Waste reduction and heat

Configuration 2: Electricity & fuel oil configuration

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Configuration 3: In development, liquid fuels synthesis


What to Use & Avoid

Underneath the yuck, many types of household waste have the same simple molecular building blocks of carbon, hydrogen and sometimes oxygen. Using carbon chemistry, they can be transformed into clean fuels, without creating toxic byproducts.

6 Applications of Wastebot Technology

1) Greenhouse Heating

Harness heat to extend growing seasons, producing more local food.

2) Off Grid/ Decentralized Power

Transform waste into fuel for electrical power generation and totally decentralized grids.

3) Plastic to Oil Research: Returning Plastic to Petroleum

Revert plastic back into its petroleum components for liquid fuels and oil.

4) Putting an End to Landfills & Garbage Bills

Recycle waste onsite to reduce trucking garbage to landfills.

5) Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

Aid in the clean up and continuity of service for first responders in disaster zones.

6) Next Generation Sanitation: Turning Feces into Fuel

Wastebot can transform manure and “porta potty” waste into biogas.

A Bold Prediction: Plastic Free by 2033

“Make plastic so valuable as a fuel that it pays for its own clean up.”

By transforming plastic into fuel with Wastebot, plastic becomes too valuable to throw away. This newly unlocked value will allow plastic to pay for its own clean up, especially in developing nations where people live on $1 a day and energy costs are high. This technology is the tipping point.

Remember how a decade ago waste veggie oil was trash restaurants paid to get rid of? When people began using it as fuel it quickly became valuable and now restaurants sell it for a profit. The same can be true for plastic. Most but not all common plastic is a purified crude oil. It’s stupid to throw it away and drill for more crude.

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Trash Facts

Trash, Carbon & Fossil Fuels

Despite rapid advancements in technology (and partly because of them) we are swimming in consumer waste. 2.5 trillion kilos clogging our landfills and making its way into our oceans each year. Add to that, pollution from burning fossil fuels and it’s easy to see how our effect on the environment will impact future generations.

Wastebot uses carbon from the biosphere as a catalyst to destroy waste. More than 1200 gigatons of renewable carbon is available on the earth’s surface. Carbon chemistry can transform many types of trash into petroleum replacement fuels, solving both waste reduction and clean energy needs simultaneously.

About the Creator

Wastebot is the creation of renewable energy innovator and author Ben Peterson. Popular Mechanics magazine named him a “Backyard Genius’ in 2009. His work has been featured in notable publications like Mechanical Engineering magazine, Mother Earth News and on hit television shows for National Geographic. Ben was a semi-finalist in the prestigious Clean Tech Open.

Wastebot Workshop – 

Build your own Wastebot!

Volume 1: Construction
Follow Ben during the step-by-step construction of the Wastebot prototype. Recycle most plastics into oil and create your own clean fuel at home using household waste.
Heat your greenhouse, cut your garbage bill and experiment with off grid fuel.
Skill level: Intermediate
  • 40 min. construction video download (900mb)
  • PDF Workbook, 92 pages, 200+ pics
  • Personal use build license

Available for a limited time only

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