Erase Plastic. Make Fuel. On Your Desktop

Breakthrough Technology transforms soft plastic into clean diesel before your eyes!

Desktop Refining

Introducing the Wastebot Plastic Recycling Lab, a desktop scale refinery transforming soft plastic into clean, cheap diesel fuel. Now ‘high IQ’ recyclers can erase plastic and top off their tank at home, bypassing the blue bin tyranny of the “recycling industry.”

Wastebot doesn’t move your plastic to the landfill in an 18 wheeled transporter like the other guys, NO, we beam plastic out of this world and into your fuel tank like a Star Trek Transporter. Your waste is dematerialized. Fill’er up Scotty!

20 billion gallons of cheap fuel are stranded in recycling bins worldwide as soft plastic. Through point-of-use recycling we can go where the waste is and upgrade it into diesel, while also saving diesel by reducing the demand for garbage trucks and dozers. A little common sense goes a long way.

Video: Watch Wastebot in Action

Sneak Preview- October 22nd Launch

New Book: Desktop Diesel

10 Real World Experiments Turning Plastic Into Fuel

Plastic to fuel book

Coming October 22nd

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Tour the Wastebot Off Grid Test Lab

Wastebot Plastic Recycling Lab is a Platform…


Share the wonder of discovery. Run quick 45 minute experiments. Transform plastic before their eyes!


Endless experiments. Behold! A new frontier. Your experiments could lead to valuable discoveries. Explore.


Generate valuable data. Get the data points and samples you need for research, reports, and modeling.

Diesel Drivers

Top off your tank! Every little bit counts. Turn your recycling bin into a source of cheap fuel. Save money.


Make Wastebot better. Add your own hardware apps to expand Wastebot’s use and functionality to eat more plastic.

Waste Industry

Analyze unmarked plastic. Protect your recycling process from poor quality feedstock. Sample and analyze on site.


Kickstart your fundraising. Calls to action are old news. Demonstrate real progress to reinvigorate your fundraising.

Early Adopters

A world without waste. Dematerialized. Point-of-use recycling will transform the supply chain. Show them.

Investors/ Stakeholders

Invest in the 3rd Industrial Revolution. Enter a new $40Bn marketplace before your competitors know it exists.

A REVOLUTION is Brewing in Recycling

Pre-order your copy of Desktop Diesel and join the Wastebot wave.

Plastic to fuel book