Teaching Wastebot Technology

Calling all engineers, inventors, makers, misfits and visionaries

To help fund the next phase of development I have created an online training workshop detailing the construction of Wastebot. See rewards.

Creating renewable energy technologies for over a decade now, I have seen the same pattern play out over and over. A company will develop proprietary technology and either get big multi-million dollar investments only to go bust in 18 months or become so addicted to grant money that true innovation stops. The net effect is that the technology never makes a meaningful impact.

I want to break this cycle and do something different with Wastebot. I want to teach this technology to the next generation of global innovators because the problem of waste is too big for any one company to handle, but I need your help to do it!

Underneath all of that pretty stainless steel is a collection of simple materials that pretty much any student, backyard tinkerer or person living in a developing nation could acquire to get started building the core recycling reactor.


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